Friday, 22 March 2013

They Thought That They Would Get Away With It.....

George Bush, Dick Cheyney and Tony Blair are hopping mad! 

They thought that they would be able to con the people and get away with fighting wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries. We know that lies were told. We know that war is all about stealing resources.

The good news is that the Peoples around the world are totally supportive of "Whistle-Blowers" Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. These honest people know that the Peoples want the truth. The truth is that there is no need for war. The Peoples are shocked that so many civilians and soldiers have been killed needlessly.

Even though the government leaders (and their friends in the corporations), are twisting the facts and causing more problems around the world, the Peoples continue to speak the truth.

There has been an awakening. and an action on behalf of the Peoples of the world. On May 11, 2012,"The War Crimes Tribunal", in Kuala Lumpur, found George Bush, Dick Cheyney and Tony Blair guilty of crimes against humanity.



The 1%;

The Pope, The Queen, Canadian Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Harper:
Church Leaders: All Guilty of genocide.


"The Old Boy Network" : Cover up through the ages.

One Pope has gone into hiding - another Pope is trying to cover his tracks and look like a saint.

The 99% are speaking out and demanding that the guilty are to be accused, tried, and punished. This bribery and cover-up all over the world, means that "The Powers That Be" are trying to get away with it again.

The police and the media in UK are trying to keep a lid on this, but the 99% are speaking out. "The Powers That Be" are not going to get away with this.

The Pope and the Queen are incredibly wealthy, and yet they expect people to pay their bills.
The people in positions of power want to cling to their status and high salaries. Therefore they are willing to do what they are told by the 1% of the one percent.

The Wealth of the Pope is unknown.Maybe 10 to 15, Billion dollars, or 3 trillion.

The wealth of the Queen and Prince Charles my reach 500 million, or 33 trillion.

The truth of the matter is, that nobody knows.


Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Answer

Here is the answer to the question I asked in the last blog.

Read it slowly and clearly. Keep an open mind. Don't judge until you have read, re-read and thought it over at some length. Relax. Don't dismiss it.

In main stream media, and in lots of alternative media, the "nature of the beast" is to give you small pieces of information so that you are unable to see the connections that make up the whole.

The "Occupy Movement" almost got it - the 99% can see that the 1% are in charge of everything else in the world and that this system stinks.Why? Why is it that the world is not getting to be a better place?

The Peoples of the world work hard and want the world to be a better place. Something must be preventing this from happening.........

This is because a few rich, who set up this whole system, have used bribery, corruption  and "arm-twisting" in order to keep the 1% in power. (No one wants to give up their status, salaries and influence in society.) So the "Old Boy Network" does what it's told. This appears to include a lot of things that are not good for the 99%, as listed previously.

Hold on, you say. There are the odd scandals, here and there, in one or two countries, but how can you say that there are problems everywhere?

Remember, who are the people who control the "Main Stream Media"? It is "The Old Boy Network" and the "Establishment". The people who run the country and it's corporations, cover its backside very effectively.  After all, they have been controlling the decision-makers, (politicians, judges, banks, "public relations" etc.) for many years. They have been so successful in doing this that they thought they could continue to get away with doing this, for ever...........

We now have the opportunity to see this corruption unravelling in UK with the "falling apart" of the "Old Boy Network", in what started out as being the "Jimmie Saville Scandal".

google "The Jimmy Saville Scandal".  Follow where it leads you. The police in UK and the politicians etc.are under pressure.

This scandal is being controlled as well as it can be "spun", by the UK "Establishment". The "powers that be" are very afraid of loosing their strength and influence.....

The "Jimmy Saville Scandal" came to light in 2012 when increasing numbers of ordinary people spoke out and named members of "Old Boy Network" who had sexually abused them over the past few decades. These "paedophile rings" had previously been protected by other members of the "Old Boy Network". (This is because anyone in a position of power, who has got away with breaking the law, is now open to bribery.) It has been impossible for the people in positions of power to keep a lid on this pot of boiling water. It keeps bubbling and the people are determined that the crooks will be punished and will not get away with it any more.  

With regard to the scandal in UK, in Canada, there are occasional "Main Stream Media", news items in the Canadian newspapers, which focus on well-known "entertainment" characters, or on minor politicians or people now dead.The police are being pushed into digging deeper. They are already totally embarrassed, because of their lack of action in the past.

Abused people, from the 99% are speaking up and demanding recognition, proper trials and punishments for the criminals, "however high up" they are up in society: maybe even including the royal family.........

Now is our opportunity in Canada to demand the same thorough investigationsof similar scandals here and in other countries in the world. (Including Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Phillipines, Indonesia, USA, Argentina, etc.)

If you have lived in Canada for some time, you may remember the child abuse scandals here in Cornwall (Ontario), and on-going in BC involving politicians and corrupt First Nations leaders, and the on-going cover-up of abuse by RC priests by Bishops under the Pope's own laws.

If we do not seize the opportunity to clean out this corruption (1%,) we will never have another chance to get things right and make the world a better place for the 99%.

There are good people ready to replace those in power. The 99% (you and me), know that there are uncorruptable people with good principles, willing to serve us. We will get rid of those who are being "controlled" and who are in positions of  power at the present time.

The few families which are in control of the world's physical resources will be told that the 99% will not accept the "status quo" of "business as usual".



There have been some exciting developments recently. Here are my thoughts with some some

Pope Bededict XVI has resigned. (Ratzinger). He is now being protected from persecution "for crimes against church and state". The retired Pope is living in the Vatican. If he leaves this safe area, he is at risk of citizen arrest.
The Queen, the Prime Minister of Canada, the RCMP and other church leaders are also in a similar position. They have been found guilty of "crimes against church and state". This is because of the deaths of approximately fifty percent of all the First Nation Children who died in Residential Schools in Canada.

In numerous countries around the world, the citizens are speaking out about the world-wide problem of sexual abuse, both by the church and by people in positions of power and influence. People are open to bribery. This means that people in positions of power and influence in different countries in the world, can be controlled.

The Occupy, 99% of the people of the world, need to keep pushing for the world to stay alert - to work together in love for the benefit of Earth, life on the planet, the next generations, clean air, water, animals, plants, etc."Joining the dots helps the Peoples of the world to know what is going on."


There is a wonderful and inspirational coming-together of the Peoples of Canada - both the First Nations and other "new-comers". It is called "Idle No More". This "coming together" is being created by women. It is actually happening all over the world, as indigenous people are "social networking" across the globe. Many Peoples are all on the same wavelength. This means that the government and the corporations are at a loss. They cannot "bring down" the majority of the people who voted them into office. There are no leaders - it's just "the Peoples", making their wishes known. The Peoples want to save Earth for future generations. What a simple message!


Living beings are all speaking out against the plans of politicians and corporations who want "business as usual".

The Peoples of the world know that our planet will die soon, if we continue with "business as usual".

The Peoples of the world know that fossil fuels must be left in the ground.

The Peoples of the world turn our backs to the 1%. A simple life, with few needs will enable life on earth to continue.
The Peoples of Earth will work to rid the world of the following evils.


1)   Nuclear war, nuclear energy, nuclear waste (improve human health, reduce cancer and other diseases.)
2)   GMO (Genetically Modified Organisisms) (Stop and cancel all gene splicing.)
3)   Nano technology
4)   Oil and natural gas, or fracking.
The Peoples of the world will fund scientists and will appoint them to clean up and reverse the damage that has been done.

The Peoples of the world will be encouraged see the negative aspects of what is being done by the 1% of the 1%.

The Peoples of the world will be enabled to see the difference between the "science" of the Main Stream Media and the  Alternative Media.

Peoples of the world will be encouraged to think their own thoughts, and educate themselves. (re. medical treatments - main stream and alternative), education, agriculture (organic/conventional - using fossil fuels as sources of "support of the soil", as opposed to compost),
HAARP (weather modification, "chemtrails", weather manipulation/weaponization of space. etc.)


History of the Christian religion.

Between 1452 - 1537 The Popes wrote ancient laws which allowed the Kings and Queens of Europe to travel the world and steal land, etc. from indigenous Peoples around the world.

Here is a short list (some of the laws are in conflct with each other).

1452 - Dum Diversas                             Slavery
1455 - Romanus Pontifex                       Land
1493 - Intercaetera                                 Dividing up of the "New World" between European countries.
            Peiis Fidelium                              Missionaries
1523 - Intra Arcand                                Violence - evangelizing
1537 - Regimeni militantris ecclesiae         Indiginous slavery forbidden

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Making the World a Better Place

I grew up in the 60's. It was a time of great hope and optimism. I wanted to make the world a better place, like so many other people.Why were we not able to do this? Why have so many negative things happened, and  why haven't the people of the world been able to make the world a better place for everyone?

Who is in charge anyway? Surely the majority of the people around the world are perfectly capable of improving the situation ?

There are people who have leadership roles, who are intelligent, knowledgeable and well trained and who are well respected in their different human societies. Why is it that they appear to be unable to make a difference and work for the good of our so-called civilization? (See the next blog).

General comments.......

It appears that decisions are being made by governments in partnership with corporations. Let's think about this. 
Citizens/taxpayers/voters choose their political leaders. Our public servants' mandate is to serve the people.
The corporations do not vote for politicians. The mandate of the corporation is to make profit for their shareholders.
So, logically, there should be no relationship between our public servants and the corporations. Any relationship there is should be strictly legislated, "at arms length."Conflict of interest -"The Revolving Door" where leaders move back and forth between being politicians and working with a corporation must be banned.

Whereas: although the people of the world at Copenhagen clearly stated that they want fossil fuels to be left in the ground, and
Whereas: fossil fuel exploration, extraction and "fracking" as well as the unknown quantity of dangerous flaring of dirty gasses, hurts the environment, and
Whereas: the amount of methane gas that is released into the atmosphere at an increasing rate, and
Whereas: the people of the world know that any handling or use of fossil fuels will increase the temperateure of Earth, and
Wheras: the people of the world know that life on Earth will end, unless we stop handling and burning fossil fuels, and
Whereas: The governments and corporations refuse to change, because they do not want to loose thier power, through their control over the Petro Dollar.
Therefore, be it resolved, that the people who care about the environment, and the indigenous peoples of the world who feel responsible for the protection of the Earth, will co-operate and join together to dismiss the corrupt and unrealistic public servants and corporations, and bring back the simple life.

What we need is  Love and Trust - not Greed and Fear.

Let us list a few of the things that people know are not good for life on earth:

   -war, stealing of resources, manipulation of religion, race and extremism, greed and control.
   -nuclear power, nuclear weapons,  (nuclear waste, radio-therapy. A waste product from weapons of war.)
   -microwave ovens, microwave cell phone towers
   -Chemo-therapy (made from mustard gas, another waste made  from a weapon of war.)

   -fluoride in drinking water (an industrial waste which damages the brain)

   - Free Trade Agreements and Investment Agreements.  North American Free Trade Agreements (NAFTA}, Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) etc. Secretive deals signed by world leaders without any debate in parliament and without the agreement of the people.
   -the weakening of environmental laws, and treaties concerning the indigenous peoples of the world, for the benefit of corporations.

   -The United Nations (a corporation) is being manipulated and controlled by the General Assembly for the benefit of the few rich countries. UN being used to create one world government.

   -The control of money by private banks not national banks. (Unnecessary high interest and high debt, Manipulation of markets)
   -World Bank, WHO, The Bank of Internal Settlements. (A few wealthy families who control the money supply)
   -the push for a cashless society, where our spending habits are no longer private.

 New Technologies
   -light bulbs that give off dangerous gasses (compulsory)
   -SMART metres (radiation 24/7 - not for our advantage but for the benefit for corporations, and for government control of who gets to use power and who will have to go without, in the future.
   -cell phones which cause brain cancer in young people
    -too much electro-magnetic field pollution which causes serious sensitivities, illnesses and possible accidents.

 -nanotechnology (Pandora's Box)
   -the approval of chemicals into the environment without appropriate testing or monitoring

   -Weather control, psychological control, (HAARP, chemtrails containing heavy metals,
   -The suppression of:
                              a) hemp and lupins as alternatives to oil as a fuel, fibre etc.
                              b) of natural therapies( Codex Alimentarius,)
 The push for pharmaceuticals and "conventional medical treatment" i e cancer treatment, as being the only option.
   -GM food, (vegetables, grains, fish, milk, cotton etc)
   -Fish farms that reduce the ability of wild fish to migrate, through accidental breeding.
   -food colours, artificial (chemical) flavours, preservatives, sweeteners

   -the democratic, rational Canadian Wheat Board has been scrapped. This change only benefits large corporations.

   -Punishment, prisons, no hope for redemption, longer sentences,
   -Immoral killings using unmanned killer drones in areas of undeclared war. The use of "proxy" armed groups and paid mercenaries to do the dirty work for another country. To prevent the elite countries from losing their soldiers. They instead play computor games and do not see dead people face to face.

 -The breaking of the Geneva Conventions and other United Nations high standards. Manipulation, cancellation and lying concerning well-established Constitutions and laws.

 -the government of Canada is not concerned that the Equalization Payments are not being distributed corrected. (NSEF)

   -The government of Canada allows the National Energy Board to police itself. Laws are changed so that landowners are given the responsiblity for clean up of rusty pipelines, not the oil and gas corporations. (CAEPLA). NEB has three conflicting roles:
                                                                   a) effective enforcement (Regulatory Capture)
                                                                   b) energy development
                                                                   c) revenue collection
NEB gets 90% of its revenue from industry. ie in 2009 NEB got $52m from industry, out of a budget of $60m. Who's in charge? 

   -National mainstream news (radio and TV), acts as if it is a propaganda arm of the establishment. Occasionally it spills the beans on a scandal.

   -The rich get richer and the poor get poorer - the rich do not invest, just cling to their cash. What are they waiting for?

  -The people have asked for proportional representation - those parties in power do not want this as it will be to their disadvantage

Can you think of anything else we can do without?

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Jackpine Mine Expansion Project. Does Alberta need this?

Re. The Proposed Expansion of the Jack Pine Mine in Fort McKay, Alberta.

Here is a letter I wrote to the Joint Review Panel.


I wish to state that I am writing to the Joint Review Panel, as a citizen of Canada, to demand that my public servants, who are answerable to me, stop further development in Alberta because this is in the best interests of Canada, and all life on Earth.

I support the Athabaska Chipawa constitutional challenge to the expansion of the Shell-owned Jack Pine Mine, tar sands project. My reasons are as follows:

1)  As a Canadian citizen and friend of First Nations, I am concerned about the health and quality of life of the  next seven generations of humans, other animal and life forms and the fragile biosphere on which we rely for our very existence. Fossil fuels must be kept in the ground, or all life on Earth will cease to exist because of pollution and climate change.

2)  At all levels of government, (international [UN], national and provincial), there is a legal "duty to consult".* For this to be done in a respectful way, discussions must take place before plans are made and deals signed between governments and corporations. The First Nations know that they have the power to make decisions concerning their environment and the future. I, as a "newcomer", wish to support them because I and many of my fellow citizens realize that we all rely on Earth for our life, health and future existence.

3)  It is a well known fact that governments work with corporations. The mandate of the Prime Minister of Canada, (MP's, ministers, and civil servants), is to act in the best interests of the Peoples of Canada. (Tax-payers, voters and citizens - the lawful owners of Canada). The Prime Minister and the others mentioned are public servants - the servants of the public. Corporations do not vote in elections in Canada. The mandate of corporations is to make profits for their shareholders.Governments will make legal decisions under the directions of the people of Canada.(voters, taxpayers and sovereign citizens).

4)  I am concerned with the proposed destruction of the natural water supply, the boreal forest, the Muskeg River, the loss of habitat (caribou, wood bison, Canadian lynx, different birds and fish etc) and the creation of yet more tailings ponds.

5)  The Chipawan people have the right to live in their traditional lands and they have treaty rights. There are serious health problems in Fort Chipewa already, caused by past and current tar sands developments.

6)  The transportation of bitumen in pipelines and tankers is potentially highly dangerous to water aquafirs, boreal forrests, coastal waters, rivers, lakes and the sea. Bitumen should not be transported over vast distances. The proposal is that bitumenn will be extracted from underground and then transported thousands of miles. The citizens of the whole world will be the ones to decide what to do with fossil fuels, not the corporations.

The citizens of a country are the stewards of their own their own country. They have a moral and legal right to decide what is to happen to any fossil fuels they own. Their governments, elected and employed and paid by the Peoples, what they are told to do by the people who voted them into office. Governments will not do what they are told to do by corporations because they do not have any mandated moral or legal right to do this.

I urge the Joint Review Panel, (and a group of independent observers ) to ensure even-handed and broad discussion and decision-making with regard to the present situation concerning the extraction of fossil fuels in Alberta in the broad context of the future of life on Earth.

Yours faithfully.

Frances Oommen

* The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Any citizen can write and give their opinion Before December 2012 to:

The Joint Review Panel Secretariat,
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency,
160 Elgin Street, 22nd Floor,
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H3

Your letter will go in the public record.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

You are being conned....

The most powerful government and corporations in the world, in the USA, keep talking about the need to continue producing oil and gas. ie dirty fossil fuels. This is important to them and for "growth" and "business as usual". Their purpose is for life on Earth to continue as before, even though this is unrealistic in the short and long term. The bottom line is, that there is less fossil fuel around than their used to be. The world has only had large quantities of fossil fuels available since between approximately the 1850's and today - approximately 200 years. That is not very long in the history of eons of time on Earth.(*1)

The USA is bankrupt, financially and morally. Its trillion-dollar debt is unbelievable and will crash soon.(*2) The USA is clinging to power and wants to control and use raw materials that are available in other countries. This includes it's friendly neighbour to the north, Canada. Sadly it is setting itself up to be hated by other countries. There used to be tremendous good will towards the USA

The peoples of the world know that if we are to go on using fossil fuels, like we are now, life on Earth will end because burning fossil fuels will cause increasing climate change. (*3) The amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) will increase in the the air we breathe. The people at Copenhagen were realistic, but the USA government and the corporations denied there was a problem.(*4) The USA and the corporations are trying to encourage people to follow their plan of "business as usual" because they know that people do not want to give up their comfortable modern life. A few people are finding out the truth for themselves (*5), but may people haven't go a clue about the changes that will take place in the future. Many people are unprepared because they believe what they are told by the government and the corporations. (*6)

The governments and the corporations are unrealistic. They are not serious about saving Earth for future generations

Thinking people know that we need to :

a)   Conserve energy - live a simpler life and use less fossil fuel energy,
b)   Develop and use alternative, free, and infinite clean energy, or do without,
c)   Develop and use free Tesla energy ( the USA governments and the corporations stole this away). Nikola Tessla, the inventor, said that the free energy that he had invented, was for the benefit of the people of the world. (*7)

Why do the most powerful governments and corporations want to find and use more fossil fuels all the time?

1)   To use the energy using weapons to threaten war or attack countries which have oil and gas. (*9)
2)   To control the people of the world. Powerful countries wage war with their own armies, with paid mercenaries, or by "drones" (unmanned vehicles), or indirectly (by proxy by other countries), so their own soldiers do not die,
3)   To control the people of the world by keeping "the petro-dollar" the strongest currency in the world.
4)   If there is a country which wants to use another currency or gold to buy and sell fossil fuels, the USA government will kill the leader of that country and take over that country's oil and gas supply. (ie Iran, Iraq, Libya and again in 2012, there is a threat to Iran.) (*9)

How does the USA, Canada and UK and other powerful countries and  the corporations get away with this con job?

a)   They control the main stream media, including national broadcasters such as CBC. To a large extent,. BBC is completely controlled in UK. People forget to think for themselves.
 b)   They are changing laws both to allow oil and gas companies to explore and extract fossil fuels as they see fit, (*10)
c)   They have cancelled laws and reduced regulations which weaken the law with regard to protecting life on earth and the environment.(*11)
d)   The governments and the corporations "divide and rule" people of different countries.They separate people into different religious, ethnic and racial groups. (*12)
e)    Governments and corporations want to create fear and hate between the peoples of the world. They encourage peoples to be greedy and selfish and this creates more negative feelings.

The people of the world know that "people are people." All we want is a healthy, simple life for our families.
A community to live in, trust, sharing and love and respect, friendship between different communities, and trust in the future. (*13)   

All this negative stuff causes more unnecessary distress and suffering around the world. We, the peoples of the world, know how to build a better world. But we have forgotten where our creative power lies.

1) Olduvai - ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil). The Olduvai Theory. "Sliding Towards the Post-Industrial Stone Age" - Richard C. Duncan (1996) 2) The trillion dollar debt of the USA keeps rising. ($11.2 Trillion as of July 2012, Wikkipedia) When it crashes the "petro-dollar" economy of the USA and the world will collapse. 3) 4) Copenhagen Climate Change Conference December 2009. "Climate of Denied Opportunity" - John Vidal, Cameron Robertson and Shahani Fernando. The Guardian. 5) Information on the end of oil - ASPO Chart. "Oil Discoverey - the Growing Gap" 6) Media and alternate media. "Media Disinformation in America" - William Blum, February 7 2010 7) Tesla Memorial Society of New York, "Tessla" the movie. 8) The Pentagon - Energy used in war. This is kept secret in a "black budget". "Secret Pentagon Documents Reveal Pre-war Plans to get Big Oil into Iraq" - Greg Muttitt, July 17, 2012. 9a)Media - unreported news video, "Project Censored 9)i.e.Iran (Mossadeq) and Iraq (Saddam Hussein). "THe Anti-democracy Foreign Policy: Iran". Jacob G. Homberger, January 21, 2005 10) Dick Cheney, oil and gas "The Haliburton Loophole". Editorial - New York Times, november 2 2009. Allows "fracking" and resultant pollution of the bioshere. 11)Canada - Omnibus Bill C-38 12) Spying on muslims in the USA. "Post-911 Homeland: America Declares war on Islam" - Stehen Landman, October 12 2012. 13) "Syria The Story thus far". William Blum 2 October 2012 "Syria: Evidence of Foreign Countries Support to Terrorists, Letter to UN Security Council" - Global Research 14) "Islam and the Politics of Hegemony" Dr Chandra Mussaffar. (GRTV - Global Research TV). "Free Speech and the Muslim Community in America" Sorya Sepahpour-Ulrich, September 18, 2012

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Gathering for a good cause at the Canso Causeway

Approximately two hundred people came together on Saturday, 22 September with signs, flags, goodwill and leaflets to hand out to the people in cars and trucks, driving by on the Trans Canada Highway.

The people at the action came from different places in Cape Breton Island, mainland Nova Scotia, (Antigonish, Indian Brook, and Halifax) and Prince Edward Island.

They are all speaking out against the proposed oil and gas exploration, and possible fracking. This commercial activity has been approved by the government for right next to the pristine waters of Lake Ainslie. Lake Ainslie is part of the Margaree River Watershed.

The First Nations leaders who had arranged this event, warmly invited the rest of us to stand with them. Both First Nations and us newcomers are all coming to the same conclusion.. We're all very concerned that this proposed drilling activity will negatively affect the fresh water on our small island.

We are getting to hear about how polluted water can affect the health of the people, animals and plants in a particular area. ie in Indian Brook. At Indian Brook the people cannot use their water for any purpose because of commercial activity. Also, in Colchester County, there are overflowing and leaking pits of fracking water, (industrial waste which contains radioactivity from underground). The company, Triangle, which signed an agreement with the government, refuses to clean up.....
The Peoples of Nova Scotia, who came to the Causeway are looking ahead to the needs of the next generations. Water is sacred. Without clean water there will be no healthy plants, animals or humans in the future.

Our event was a positive coming-together, with drumming, singing, a water ceremony -  some wet eyes, a time to meet and make new friends, a sharing of information and trust. Mist and warm rain, eagles gathering above us...........

"Good energy",     "We're all on the same wavelength", "The divisions are disappearing,,,,,"